Lightspeed Company Overview

The Lightspeed family of brands features some of the most recognizable and successful providers of online access panels: Lightspeed GMI, Lightspeed All Global and Lightspeed Financial Services Group. Through this network of global research marketers, we conduct more than 30 million interviews each year, employ more than 700 individuals and connect with more than 450,000 healthcare specialists worldwide.
Founded in 1996, Lightspeed Research pioneered online survey research through its innovation and product development. The worldwide digital data collection group was formed following the acquisitions of Global Market Insite (GMI) in 2012 and All Global in 2013. Today, Lightspeed has offices in the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe.
By connecting attitudinal and behavioral data with our deeply profiled panel of research respondents, Lightspeed provides a complete view of markets in a connected world. We employ a comprehensive approach that is built upon our proprietary Quality Suite fieldwork quality methodology and offer a full suite of products and services. From mobile solution platforms to an extensive global healthcare scope, Lightspeed delivers fast, real-time data collection, quality panel management and flexible data reporting.
Headquartered in Warren, New Jersey, Lightspeed is part of the Kantar, the data investment management division of WPP, the world leader in marketing communication services.

About Lightspeed

Quality-seeking researchers, marketers and brands choose Lightspeed as their trusted global partner for digital data collection. Our innovative technology, proven sampling methodologies and operational excellence facilitate a deep understanding of consumer opinions and behavior. From award-winning survey engagement to fieldwork management, we add value at every stage of the research process. Focusing on local market knowledge, Lightspeed’s proprietary panels deliver access to more than 5.5 million online research respondents with unparalleled quality, capacity and targeting. Our comprehensive product suite offers the tools and services needed to generate dependable research results across the consumer, B2B, financial and healthcare business segments. With office locations throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific staffed with experienced local talent, we understand the nuances of each market.
As leaders in digital data collection, we’ve been maximizing online research since 1996. Lightspeed reached more than 5.5 million research panel members in 2014 and delivered 30 million completed interviews to 4,000 customers. With 700 employees in located 14 countries, we conduct panel research in more than 45 countries. Headquartered in Warren, New Jersey, Lightspeed is part of the Kantar Group, the insight, information and consultancy division of WPP, the world leader in marketing communication services.
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About Lightspeed ALL Global

Lightspeed All Global provides healthcare professional and patient community solutions, utilizing its industry-leading healthcare panel. With a long heritage as an innovator in healthcare research, Lightspeed All Global merged into the Lightspeed family of brands in November 2013. By integrating gamification and field research into the healthcare market sector, Lightspeed All Global combines a skilled team of thought leaders into one portfolio. Collectively, this enterprise now represents the world’s largest population panel from Lightspeed GMI matched up with physician panels and payor panels from Lightspeed All Global.
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About Lightspeed FSG

Lightspeed FSG provides retail banks, credit card issuers, and other industry stakeholders with detailed and accurate insights into consumers’ payment product usage. Through its proprietary Behavioral Tracking Panel, actual transaction-level data are collected from consumers’ credit card accounts, allowing for “full-wallet” analyses that are unavailable from any other source. Lightspeed FSG also produces syndicated competitive intelligence reports, giving banks and card issuers instant visibility into account communications, as well as fee and policy changes that their competitors are making to their customers’ accounts.  Through attitudinal survey-based data, passively collected transactional and behavioral data and credit attributes, Lightspeed FSG delivers primary research projects to provide clients with robust decision-driving analyses.



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